Flueggea virosa in Zanzibar

Flueggea virosa (Mkwamba) is a common coral rag tree in Zanzibar. It ranks as number 10 in the tree species abundance list of the islands.

07FluVir154.jpg Flueggea virosa in Zanzibar, 7 November 2006.

Flueggea virosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) Voigt 1845 belongs to the family EUPHORBIACEAE – Spurge family. By common name it is known as Chinese waterberry and White-berry bush. The basionym (original scientific name) for this tree is Phyllanthus virosus Roxb. ex Willd. 1805.

The distribution of Flueggea virosa is typically tropical and East African (source: Missouri Botanical Garden).

Altogether 9.8 million Flueggea virosa trees (stems) have been estimated in Zanzibar islands out of which 7.1 million trees grow in Unguja and 2.7 million trees in Pemba. The corresponding woody biomass volumes are 8500 m3 and 7600 m3 for Unguja and Pemba, respectively. The figures show that the average tree size in Unguja is much smaller than in Pemba. This is due to heavier fuel wood harvesting pressure in Unguja coral rag forest thickets.

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